An extensive range of cosmetic procedures and products are offered. Most services are physician performed.  We do not use 'trained injectors'.

Highlander Dermatology provides the latest in laser treatments for telangiectasia (blood vessels), brown discolorations, sun damage, wrinkles, laser hair removal, a full range of fillers, neurotoxins (Botox/Dysport), chemical peels, microneedling and surgical therapies to help you look and feel your best.  We also perform a variety of acne scar procedures.

The minor fee for the consult is deducted from any service or product purchased, so essentially FREE!  

"I don't want to look fake!"

Both Women and Men are concerned about appearance and the aging process. We all begin to notice the effects of aging, and regardless of gender, we don't like it. Many of us have already realized there are ways to look younger without sacrificing are natural features that are who we are. Often, the goal is to maintain, enhance, or bring out our innate beauty.  

Men usually want to look more youthful while maintaining their masculine features, whereas many women want to soften features for a younger more feminine appearance. 

Good treatment requires experience.  Dr. Kleven and Dr. Straka bring over 25 years of that to the table.  We believe in only physician managed injections, which sets us apart.  Why would you trust your skin to any one other than a Board Certified Dermatologist!

What We Offer


Botox and Fillers

Additional Procedures & Treatments

Additional Procedures & Treatments

We offer a variety of injections such as 

Botox, Fillers, Sculptura, and Kybella.


Additional Procedures & Treatments

Additional Procedures & Treatments

Additional Procedures & Treatments

Photo-dynamic Therapy, Acne Scarring Treatments, Cutaneous Cosmetic Surgery, Microneedling, Laser Hair Removal, and Chemical Peels


Just for Men

Additional Procedures & Treatments

Just for Men

Do men actually do this?



We have generated an extensive product line that includes the latest proven medical grade ingredients available. Our product line encompasses all the therapies for fine lines, discoloration, prevention, and sun damage. They are designed to regenerate your collagen and renew your skin.  We also offer moisturizers, sunscreens, volumizers, collagen rebuilders, and lash enhancers, along with several new individual products. 

We also offer a variety of Kits packaged with simple step-by-step morning and evening instructions - maximizing results.  We have it all, the complete package!  Cleanse - Medicate - Protect - Cover. Kits range from Age Defense, Melasma/Pigment care, and Acne. 

There are several prescriptive strength options available at prices far less than the pharmacy. (These require authorization from our Providers).

Additional Procedures & Treatments

Photo-Dynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy is a chemical/laser treatment that dramatically reduces sun damage, pre-cancerous actinic keratoses of the skin, and thusly reduces the incidence of future skin cancer formation in the areas treated. It is a covered benefit on most insurance plans including Medicare, if you meet criteria. It is also highly effective for cosmetic reduction of blotchy pigmented sun damaged skin. 

Typically PDT is used to treat actinic keratoses on the head, neck and/or chest. This is the FDA indication for the treatment.  Although many use the older light activated systems, we at Highlander Dermatology use a laser activated system. Both systems work equally well on pre-cancer reduction, laser activation offers several extra benefits without any additional cost:

  1. Faster treatment, typically laser takes about half the time of blue light systems
  2. Less discomforting
  3. Dramatically improved cosmetic results with reduction of pigment and blood vessels that are not affected by blue light systems 

Acne Scarring Treatments

These treatments are performed by our physicians. Some acne scarring treatments include:

  • Acne surgery
  • Subcision
  • Microneedling
  • Fillers
  • Laser therapy
    • Ablativee
    • Non-ablative
  • Punch excision/grafting
  • CO2 Fractionated laser

Other acne scar treatments are also available. Set your consult today to review all your best options.  

Cutaneous Cosmetic Surgery

  •  Moles
  • "Growths"
  • Birth marks
  • Scar revision


Performed by Kang Thao, R.N., Microneedling Specialist. At Highlander Dermatology we use the StrataPen, the most effective and strongest medical grade microneedling device available.

Microneedling incorporates a specialized device with tiny needles, called a pen, which stimulates your body's natural collagen production. Collagen is a vital component to the structure of healthy, smooth skin. Also known as College Induction Therapy, microneedling instantly starts your skin's natural healing process, producing a more youthful, even complexion.

Best for those who desire skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, back, decolletage, arms, and hands. At Highlander Dermatology, we typically recommend three treatments every two to four weeks for optimal results.

Laser Hair Removal

Performed by Courtney Papp, PA-C with the Lume-One IPL. 

Diode laser hair removal is considered the most effective permanent treatment of unwanted hair.  This can remove unwanted hair as well as control/cure skin conditions related to abnormal hair growth. At present, technology best treats dark and coarse hair.  Blonde hair is not recommended for laser removal.

Typically, it may take from 3-6 treatments for results. Costs range from $100-$300 per treatment.  

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels in the age of lasers may seem antiquated.  Yet several peeling agents and techniques still have superior results over other 'advanced technology'.  

Our peels are ONLY administered by a M.D., assuring the best possible outcome with the least amount of risk. We offer the following chemical peels in our clinic:

  • TCA
  • Jessners
  • Salicylic acid
  • AHA

About Our Lasers

Pulsed Dye V-Beam Perfecta

  • Gold standard in telangectasia
  • Rosacea
  • Angiomas
  • Scars
  • Birth marks
  • Sun-spots
  • Everything 'red' on the skin

Lume-One IPL

Typically used on the face, neck, and chest to treat:

  • Powerful pigment treatment
  • Melasma
  • Blood vessels
  • Post inflammatory pigment
  • Brown birth marks
  • Telangectasia 
  • Sun spots
  • Sun damage on the face, chest and arms
  • Blotchy discolored skin
  • Poikiloderma of civatte
  • Laser hair removal

CO2 Fractionated Laser

Most effective and powerful anti aging resurfacing laser with minimal risk and low-down time. This laser treats:

  • Scarring
  • Acne scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Eyelids
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin creeping on the face, neck and declate
  • Skin tightening