Do MEN Really Do This?


Unfortunately, although many men would love to improve their appearance and smooth out facial wrinkles; they are still hesitant about getting Botox/Dysport injections or facial filler treatments. It’s not that they don’t want to look younger, but that they don’t have many friends who’ve done it (or simply can’t tell their friends did), and hesitate about being the first to get a cosmetic treatment.

This is changing, treatments have been used increasingly in men.  It is not as simple as "point and shoot" with toxins or fillers, which regrettably is too commonly seen with injectors.  The key is to maintain and enhance a man's masculine features.  We believe a good cosmetic treatment shouldn't make you look like you had something done.  It should just make you look better!

All injections are done by a Board Certified Dermatologist, why trust your skin to any less.  




Attitudes toward Botox for men are changing rapidly.* In fact, it is estimated that since 2001, the number of men getting facial injections like Botox has more than tripled – a trend fueled by rumors of celebrities like Steve Martin, Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglass having received cosmetic treatments to freshen their appearance.

However, in order to get the best outcomes, it’s important to have the right approach.  Treating men is not the same as woman.  At Highlander we understand the nuances necessary to achieve an optimal outcome.



Men are excellent candidates for facial fillers. As men age, they tend to lose volume in the face, and deep folds begin to form. For some men, volume loss with age is more significant than a woman's volume loss. 

Filler can be utilized in the nasolabial folds to reduce the look of deep folds and shave years off the face. With age, men commonly lose volume in the cheeks. The face can sag and look sunken in. Filler can be used to replace the lost volume.  This lifts the face looking natural.



A man's skin is not the same as a woman's. To name a couple, men have greater muscle mass, a thicker dermis and more exuberant sebaceous glands.  These features require a different approach to skin care.  Although the base principals of collagen restoration and protection are the same, how to deliver them and the strength needed is much different.

Most men do not like the feeling of having 'moisturizer' on their skin.  Partly as they secrete more oil than woman.  As our providers which products would be right for you. 



We can address not only lines and wrinkles, but also discoloration, veins, telangiectasia, age spots, moles, volume loss and scars.  

Many options are available, several with minimal to no downtime. 



Acne scaring requires experience, and between us we have over 25 years!  We use a variety of approaches; fillers, peels, PRP, subcision, miconeedling, non ablative and ablative fractionated C02 lasers.

Often a combined approach leads to superior results.  Set an consultation now to discuss your best options. Usually there are several options available.